Effisludge Web Conference - November 12th, 2020

The online conference for EffiSludge and 9th IBBA co-organised workshop addresses Industrial Wastewater Management: Exploring higher energy efficiency, carbon-saving solutions - special focus on pulp and paper residues

The treatment of wastewater for industrial activities, such as pulp and paper production, is often highly energy intensive and alternatives are needed to achieve the reduction targets for fossil CO2-emissions. At the same time, sustainable wastewater management holds the potential for producing renewable fuels, such as biogas.

EffiSludge and IBBA would like to invite you to our one-day web conference, where we will discuss more resource efficient concepts, which combine e.g. industrial wastewater treatment with biogas production. The concepts should improve the carbon footprint of industrial wastewater treatment – through both energy savings and renewable fuel production.

The web conference will present the preliminary findings of the EffiSludge 4 Life Project. The final EffiSludge conference is anticipated to take place in Spring 2021. 


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November 12th, 2020

Registration is now open

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