"Magic Factory" Sem, Norway 2020 - Venue

The workshop will be held at the Magic Factory in Sem, Norway

Den Magiske Fabrikken
Taranrødveien 97
3171 Sem

The Magic Factory is owned by Greve Biogass (Municipality of Tønsberg) and operated by Lindum. The biogas plant started operation in 2015. It has a capacity of 60 000 t of food waste and 50 000 t of animal manure. The gas from the plant is upgraded to biome thane and serves 80% of the buses in the region. The treatment costs are low and the inclusion of manure improves the process and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the area. 

However, the magic factory goes much further than that and shows how to close the nutrient cycle with strikingly simple and innovative technology. They have integrated a teaching centre into the facilities in order to be able to communicate the green shift that is taking place, which can be observed on-site.  

Some infos on the Magic Factory can be found in Norwegian here.


How to go there

By train

Sem is located near Tønsberg station, which can be reached with the R11 or L13 out of Oslo (central statin). It is then possible to either take local buses or a taxi (around 15 minutes from Tønsberg station).

By car

Sem is located a little over an hour’s drive south of Oslo. You would take the E18 south to exit 37 (Aulerødkrysset) toward Tønsberg/Sem/Ramnes. Take the first exit at the roundabout then left onto Taranrødveien and follow it until you see the Magic Factory on the left.

By air

Oslo Airport is located to the North of Oslo, but the train R11, which goes to Tønsberg station also leaves from there.

Hotel booking

Here you will find some suggestions for hotels near the venue. Alternatively, the conference participants can book hotels via other online booking sites. 

Thon Hotel Tønsberg Brygge?


–  Single room: around 1186 – 1395 NOK / night

Please think to book early enough since there is no guarantee for the availability of rooms.


Thon Hotel Tønsberg Brygge

Nedre Langgate 40
3126 Tønsberg
Tel: +47 33344900