Stockholm 2018 - Venue

The workshop will be held at Skogshem & Wijk Conference Hotel (Biogas Partner)

Hustegavägen 1
Box 1213, 181 24  LIDINGÖ

How to go there

By air

We recommend Taxi Stockholm. Tel: +46 8-15 00 00
They offer a fixed price from Arlanda Airport (670 SEK regular taxi, 1005 SEK large taxi).

Travel time from Arlanda Airport is approximately 50 minutes, from Bromma Airport 40 minutes and from central Stockholm 30 minutes.

By metro

Metro line 13 (red line) to Ropsten, change to bus 204 toward Elfvik. Get off at bus stop “Furutorp (wijk)”. Travel time from Central Station in Stockholm is approximately 30 minutes.

By car

Skogshem & Wijk is approximately a 15 minute drive from Ropsten. From central Stockholm, drive towards Värtahamnen and then towards Lidingö. Turn right toward Elfvik after crossing the bridge and continue approximately 8 km on Norra kungsvägen until you see the Skogshem & Wijk sign. Turn right and follow the road until you reach Skogshem & Wijk.

Estimated Prices To/From:

Arlanda Airport 670 SEK (1005 SEK large taxi)
Stockholm’s Central Station 360 SEK (500 SEK large taxi)
Bromma Airport 550 SEK (750 SEK large taxi)
Ropsten 260 SEK (370 SEK large taxi)

Estimated Travel Time To/From:
Central Stockholm 30 minutes
Arlanda Airport 50 minutes
Bromma Airport 40 minutes
Ropsten Metro Station 15 minutes