Weimar, Germany - January 10th - 11th, 2019

The 8th IBBA workshop will address antibiotics in manure and digestate - their effects on the environment, the challenges of analysis and whether or not anaerobic digestion can provide improvement
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The workshop is part of a Thuringian project called ABIOTEC, which aims to improve analysis and manure utilization
In modern animal husbandry, antibiotic agents are used therapeutically or preventively to protect the animals. Through the manure and other fertilizers, these are proportionately transported to the cultivated soils. Can the chemical-analytical detection of antibiotics in manure be improved? Can the microbial degradation of these substances be accelerated?
A Thuringian project group wants to put more emphasis on this issue. In order to prove the degradation of antibiotic substances in fertilizers such as liquid manure, digestate and solid manure, an innovative chemical-analytical methodology is necessary. This should in turn make it possible to produce healthy agricultural feed and food.

The focus of the workshop is the effects of antibiotics in the environment and the challenges in detecting them.
Residues of antibiotic substances can only be detected and measured in manure and other farmyard fertilizers with great difficulty. Thuringian cooperation partners from the areas of agriculture, consulting, services, research and analytics have set out in an EIP-Agri project to develop an innovative analysis method to demonstrate the degradation of antibiotic residues in organic fertilizer by means of adapted methodological procedures. This serves to improve the economic performance of agricultural businesses and the sustainable use of resources. In addition, it represents an innovative contribution to groundwater and soil protection.

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January 10th-11th, 2019


Weimar, Germany – Venue and hotel details



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